As a company, we view every assignment as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of our clients and to build strong working relationships with them. We believe this is key to our success, and reflected by our clients themselves...

I would strongly recommend Barracuda and have done so recently to executives within the wider group. There is no other search or headhunting team, in my view, who operates with such integrity, openness and results focus.

As an executive I have used the Barracuda team for various searches over the past 10 years. We have developed a true partnership and as a CEO the team have managed to find me some outstanding candidates. More recently in my new CEO role they have managed, very quickly, to find me the right talent we require and the Barracuda team have approached this new assignment with passion, interest, professionalism, speed but with care and attention. It is always good to work with great people and the Barracuda team are exactly that.

ceo, uk general merchandise retailer

I have been working with Barracuda over the past 2 years, building a true partnership. Barracuda has been able to tackle some difficult searches and be successful where others have failed. They were innovative in their approach to introduce us to candidates, they worked with us throughout the journey, including negotiating some difficult clauses with the successful candidate, through what was a lengthy process. They are not only flexible in adapting their working model to client needs, they are invested in ensuring that they deliver the best candidate for the role and the company, not just filling a search. I cannot say enough about how their model has evolved to collaborate with in house recruiting… I wish big firms will take note.

head of executive recruitment, global ecommerce retailer

I have worked with the team at Barracuda for a number of years and found them to be a search agency who deliver. On more than one occasion not only did Barracuda identify strong candidates but were instrumental in persuading them when they were undecided whether to join, to make the decision to do just that. Small enough to act quickly but with a large enough reach and understanding of the market, Barracuda have proved to be a very useful partner in identifying the right talent and demonstrated an ability to also engage potential candidates in the right way. I can readily recommend them, based upon not only their track record of candidate delivery over a number of years but also the professional way in which they have always conducted themselves; even when faced with a difficult client!

ceo, australian supermarket chain

I have used Barracuda consistently over the last 10 years across a range of operational and commercial roles and have enjoyed the working relationship based upon some key things that I think they execute better than their competitors. A key attribute is the attention to the service delivery for the client and the candidate, both of which I have found highly personable with a strong attention to detail. The search company is effectively and extension of ours when handling an assignment and candidates typically report a high quality experience and this extends to the follow through after appointment. They always take time to understand both the organisation culture and the particular role to a level of detail where they can genuinely act for the business.

I have found the Barracuda team to be tenacious in a balanced way when handling an assignment. Personally I like to be kept closely informed of progress, good and bad, and this has always been an exceptional feature of the way they communicate. However, my overriding reason in any recommendation has to be delivery and in this respect Barracuda have never come up short and across the range of roles described earlier, in Retail and Hospitality they have delivered exceptional candidates and often played a key role in helping get those individuals over the line.

hrd, multinational hotel, coffee shop and restaurant company

My first connection with Barracuda occurred over a decade ago and since then we have developed a strong relationship based on mutual trust, respect and understanding.
The team have an in-depth knowledge of the market with an acute awareness of the 'movers and shakers', as well as emerging new talent.
They are meticulous in their efforts to understand the brief and never fail to present me with high quality individuals, whilst continually challenging my thought process with high level support.

retail & operations director, uk high street retailer

I was particularly impressed with the investment they placed in really understanding our business. Including a day we spent in store together so the team could really understand what makes our business different and special. This really helped the search team identify the right talent pool to search in. I really enjoyed the way helped refine and shape our requirements for the role and through some challenging questioning and understanding helped bring a talent pool of candidates the previous search had not identified.

The process was really enjoyable. I took a very hands on approach to this key appointment. We checked in all the way through the process having open and honest dialogues about what was working and what was not and how we needed to refine as we moved through. They moved at pace and precision. Ultimately I am delighted to say we found our new Operations Director and 6 months into the role we have brought a great talent into the business.

ceo, uk multisite retailer